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Nuclear power is a controversial topic, and some of the controversies remain unsettled, even after the facts in the article are agreed on. This Debate Guide page will provide a concise summary from each side of these unsettled issues. Much of this discussion is collected from Internet forums, and we welcome updates to provide better arguments or more reliable sources.
Many questions on proliferation are best answered in the context of specific reactor designs. See ThorCon_nuclear_reactor/Debate_Guide#Risk_of_proliferation for example.

Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Where the Sh*t Hits the Fan

//... Still worse, nuclear industry apologists and nuclear supporters continuously pretend or deny that there is no link between nuclear energy and weapons proliferation, despite constant news and regular reports that provide evidence to the contrary. According to this CNN report, “Uranium particles enriched to near bomb-grade levels have been found at an Iranian nuclear facility, according to the UN’s nuclear watchdog, as the US warned that Tehran’s ability to build a nuclear bomb was accelerating.” This connection to the the potential for arms proliferation and ultimately nuclear war that could result in the annihilation of all life on Earth is pretty much why J.R. Oppenheimer, the father of the atomic bomb, later repelled by his own creation said, “we have become death, destroyer of worlds.” Let’s be clear, all types of civilian nuclear energy assistance raise the risks of nuclear weapons proliferation.