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Nina de Gramont
Occupation author and professor of English
Known for Her book, The Christie Affair, was a New York Times best seller

Nina de Gramont is an American author and professor of English.[1] De Gramont is an English professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

De Gramont met her husband, David Gessner, when she earned her Masters degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder.[2] They both now work at the Wilmington campus of the University of North Carolina.

Her novel which is built around the real life disappearance of mystery writer Agatha Christie, The Christie Affair, quickly made it onto the The New York Times bestseller list, shortly after its publication, in 2022.[1] The novel was also chosen for Reese Witherspoon's book club.[3]


year title publisher notes
2022 The Christie Affair St. Martin's Press

Young mystery writer Agatha Christie mysteriously disappeared, early in her marriage to her first husband, when she learned he was cheating on her.[1][3] This disappearance triggered massive press coverage, and other books and films have been based on the disappearance, and speculation as to what she was doing, during her disappearance. De Gramont's book differed from other accounts as it is narrated by Christie's husband's mistress.

2015 The Distance from Me to You Putnam's Sons

This is a "young adult" novel.[5] The heroes are two teenagers who meet, and fall in love, while hiking a very long wilderness trail, the Appalachian Trail. However, outside complications ensue, when they find their lives threatened.

Home Box Office optioned the broadcast rights in 2021.[5]

2015 The Last September Algonquin

According to Kirkus Reviews the book is "A moody murder mystery infused with love and grief—and a fascination with Emily Dickinson."[6]

2014 The Boy I Love Atheneum

A "young adult" novel about the friendship that develops after a young girl learns the handsome boy she had a crush on is gay.[7]

2013 Meet Me at the River Atheneum

A teenage girl copes with grief after her boyfriend dies.[8]

2013 Rogue Touch Kingswell

De Gramont was commissioned to write this novel, based on the Marvel Comics character, Rogue.[9]

2010 Every Little Thing in the World Atheneum

The young girl who is the hero of this story becomes pregnant by a boy she doesn't love, and doesn't tell anyone, only to get sent to a grueling wilderness camp, for other infractions.[10]

2008 Gossip of the Starlings Algonquin Books

An innocent girl feels lucky to be befriended by a popular and well-connected girl, at a private school, only to be led into debauchery.[11]

2007 Choice: True Stories of Birth, Contraception, Infertility, Adoption, Single Parenthood and Abortion MacAdam Cage De Gramont edited this book
2002 Of Cats and Men Random House

A collection of ten short stories, each of which features a cat.[12]


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