Nick Luna (Trump aide)

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Nick Luna
Other names Nicholas F. Luna
Nick Luna at a 2007 Fred Thompson campaign event (1618981124).jpg
Occupation politician
Known for aide to Donald Trump

Nick Luna was an aide to President Donald Trump.[1] In 2020 he served as one of Trump's "body men". For his predecessors months or years as a "body man" was a prelude to a promotion to a much more prestigious job. Luna earned $183,000 in 2020.[2]

Reporters who covered the Trump administration noted that the younger, single aides and associates found it hard to find dates in "liberal Washington" - so they were "dating and marrying one another".[3][4] In February 2020 several reporters listed Luna, and Cassidy Dumbauld, an aide to Trump's advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner, were dating. The pair married on September 5, 2020.[2]

He attracted widespread attention in October 2020 when he was one of the first of Trump's aides to be diagnosed with the Covid 19 virus.[1] Eventually over three dozen of Trump's close aides and associates were diagnosed with Covid, including Trump himself, his wife, Melania Trump, and youngest child Barron Trump.[5]

Luna recovered.[5]

On December 18, 2020, Trump appointed Luna and Rudy Giuliani's son, Andrew Giuliana, to the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.[6]

In January 8, 2021, Annie Karni, writing in The New York Times, listed Luna as one of the few Trump aides who seemed ready to continue serving him, to the bitter end.[1]

CNN reported that Luna and Dumbauld were two aides scheduled to join Trump and his family on their last ceremonial flight on Air Force One.[7]

In February 2022 reporters learned of a memo Congressional Representative Carolyn Maloney had written to the National Archives, in which she named and nine other Trump aides, for help determining whether they had meaningful testimony on whether he broke the law as to how Presidents and their staff should handle official documents.[8] The nine other aides were John Kelly, Mark Meadows and Reince Priebus, three of Trump's Cheifs of Staff; Pat Cipollone, Don McGahn and Stefan Passantino, White House Counsels or Deputy Counsels; Derek Lyons and Robert Porter, each White House Staff Secretary; and Madeleine Westerhout Director of Oval Office Operations.

Luna testified before staff of the January 6 committee.[9][10] Among his testimony there is a description of Trump going off-script when he finally addressed January 6 occupiers and protesters. In the original draft Trump would have praised the majority of the protesters, who had remained peaceful and law-abiding, and in which he would have told rioters to emulate them, and peacefully go home.


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