New South Wales

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New South Wales, abbreviated NSW, is the most populous state in Australia. It borders Queensland to the North and Victoria to the South. Sydney is both the largest city in NSW and its capital. The current premier of NSW is Liberal leader Mike Baird, who succeeded Liberal premier Barry O'Farrell in 2014, after he resigned having served 3 years of his elected term. The New South Wales flag is dark blue with the Union Jack and the NSW state badge depicted [1] A resident of New South Wales is a New South Welshman.

Geography and climate

The state is varied, with a climate and topography ranging from subtropical to alpine. There are four main geographic zones: Coastal, Western plains, Tablelands (including highlands and mountains) and Western slopes. [2]Much of the state is fertile and highly productive, although for the past six years much of New South Wales has been in a severe drought and until 2006 there were children living who had never seen rain in their lives.

History of New South Wales

Captain James Cook “discovered” Botany Bay in 1770, but New South Wales was not settled by Europeans until the First Fleet under Arthur Phillip settled Port Jackson (now Sydney) in 1788. The area had been settled by indigenous Australians (aborigines) for an estimated 40,000 years; in some segments of indigenous society reaction to the annual 26 January celebrations marking the beginning of European settlement range from unenthusiastic to hostile.

New South Wales began as a penal colony and existed largely in chaos, corruption and lawlessness until a new governor, Lachlan Macquarie was sent from Britain in 1809.

Population and demographics

New South Wales is an ethnically diverse, widely varied area. Human habitation runs from ultra-cosmopolitan cities to sparsely populated rural areas. The state has a fine educational network and strong transportation system, although this is hotly debated among rural dwellers, as is the issue of whether or not the state's country dwellers get short shrift in terms of utilities and services.

Government and politics

As part of Australia, New South Wales is a constitutional monarchy whose sovereign is Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is represented by the Governor, (currently Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir). There are two houses of parliament: the upper house the Legislative Council, and the lower house, the Legislative Assembly. At present, the Liberal party is in power and the Labor party sits in opposition.

Major attractions




Large Towns, other Administrative Centres

  • Bega
  • Bowral
  • Forbes
  • Lismore
  • Lithgow
  • Mittagong
  • Moss Vale
  • Mudgee
  • Nowra
  • Port Macquarie

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