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A list of key readings about Nebraska (U.S. state).
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  • Naugle, Ronald C., Olson, James C., and Montag, Joohn J., History of Nebraska - the standard, comprehensive, one-volume treatment of the subject of Nebraska history whether for college student or general reader.
  • Sheldon, Addison Erwin, History and Stories of Nebraska - an early and informal history of Nebraska, based largely on anecdotes and stories. First published 1913; available from
  • Butcher, S.D., Pioneer History of Custer County and Short Skectches of Early Days in Nebraska - informal history based on anecdotes and reminiscences of pioneer life in central Nebraska. First published 1901, now available from

Government and Politics

Natural World

Regions and Geology

  • Maher, Harmon D., et al, , Roadside Geology of Nebraska - Aimed at the layperson, this series describes geologic features, including landforms and rocks, visible from the highways of the state, and discusses the underlying geology of the above-ground features. Illustrated with maps, diagrams, and photographs.



  • Brown, Lauren, Grasslands (an Audubon Society Nature Guide). Field guide, illustrated with color photographs, of the flora and fauna of North America's short grass and tall grass prairies.


  • DeLorme's "Nebraska Atlas and Gazetteer" - Topographic maps of the state, plus information on national and state lands, natural features, camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, cycling, tourist attractions and historic sites.