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  • Australia [r]: Continent in the Southern Hemisphere and the federal parliamentary nation that occupies it. [e]
  • Bird [r]: The class of animals (aves) that can be distinguished from all other living animals by the presence of feathers. [e]
  • C.W. Nicol [r]: (C.W.ニコル C.W. Nikoru) Japanese environmentalist, conservationist and writer of Welsh descent (born 1940). [e]
  • Cycling [r]: The sport, recreational activity and means of transportation of riding a bicycle. [e]
  • Glider [r]: Type of unpowered aircraft that uses aerodynamic lift to slow its rate of descent. [e]
  • Herbert Hoover [r]: US President from 1929 to 1933. [e]
  • Island Biogeography [r]: Biogeography that attempts to establish and explain the factors that affect the species richness of natural communities, and distribution of plants and animals on islands. [e]
  • John Muir [r]: (1838-1914) U.S. naturalist and conservationist, born in Scotland; founded the Sierra Club. [e]
  • Lake Albert [r]: One of Africa's Great Lakes. [e]
  • Morton National Park [r]: a 60,000 acre national park in New South Wales, Australia, about 170 kilometres southwest of Sydney. [e]
  • Mumbai [r]: The capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra, and is the most populous city in India; formerly known as Bombay. [e]
  • Murchison Falls National Park [r]: Uganda's largest national park and game reserve. [e]
  • National Trust [r]: An independent charity in the United Kingdom dedicated to the preservation of protection of historic buildings, stately homes, gardens, the countryside and coastlines [e]
  • Sydney [r]: (population 4.4 million) The capital of the Australian state of New South Wales. [e]
  • Tanzania [r]: A large coastal East African nation bordered by Kenya, Uganda, Congo and the Indian Ocean. [e]
  • Yellowstone National Park [r]: Geological "hot spot" located in northwestern Wyoming (U.S.), set aside as the world's first national park in 1872. [e]