Midnight at the Paradise

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Writer-Producer Bill Robertson said the real life, Toronto repertory cinema Paradise Theatre of the title is a metaphor for the film's renewed romance.

Midnight At The Paradise is a romantic comedy, and is the feature film directorial debut of actor-director Vanessa Matsui.[1][2] The film premiered in December 2022, at the Bampf World Media Festival.[3] It had its Toronto premiere in April 2023, at the Paradise Theatre. It was the last performance by the late Kenneth Welsh.

The film's leads, played by Allan Hawco and Liane Balaban, saw the film Breathless at the Paradise Theatre, when they were teenagers, and meet again, twenty years later, when the theatre screens the film again.[1][2]

Writer-Producer Bill Robertson said he was inspired to use the real life cinema in the film he was writing when he cycled past it while it was undergoing renovations in 2019.[1] Other highly recognizable Toronto locations are used, and the film has been described as "a love letter to Toronto".[2] Another reviewer called it "a sweet love letter to the power of films".[4] Other film reviewers compared the film's focus on relationships with Richard Linklater's Before trilogy and Sarah Polley's Take this Waltz.[5] Robertson said that the renovation of the theatre, and the pair meeting there, is symbolic of their renewed romantic relationship. Robertson said he had Balaban in mind to play the film's female lead, even when he began writing the script, because they had worked together before.[3]

The film was in production for six years.[3]

Matsui, who is good friends with Balaban, was originally being considered to play a role in the film, before Robertson asked her to direct.[3] She says she didn't feel ready for this first job as a director, but friends convinced her it was a great opportunity.

Robertson said the pre-existing friendship between Balaban and Matsui helped Balaban feel safe filming emotionally trying scenes.[3] Balaban's character copes with her renewed feelings for Hawco's character, her feelings about her troubled marriage, and the loss she is already feeling for her beloved father, who is dying of cancer.

A local band, The Neighbourhood Watch, recorded all the music.[3]


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