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Created in 1987 by L. Brent Bozell III, "the mission of the Media Research Center, "America's Media Watchdog," is to bring balance to the news media. Leaders of America's conservative movement have long believed that within the national news media a strident liberal bias existed that influenced the public's understanding of critical issues."[1]. It does both media monitoring and journalism.

Its first goal was to document what it perceived as bias, which became its News Analysis Division. Next, it set up the Business and Media Institute (formerly the Free Market Proect), is aimed at " correcting the media's anti-free enterprise biased reports and to promoting a fair portrayal of the business community in the news and entertainment media." It then established a Culture and Media Institute is to preserve and help restore America’s culture, character, traditional values, and morals against the assault of the liberal media elite, and to promote fair portrayal of social conservatives and religious believers in the media.

Finally, it created an active news service, Cybercast News Service, also known as

News Analysis Division

This division's senior staff consists of:[2]

  • Brent Baker, Vice President for Research and Publications and the MRC's Steven P.J. Wood Senior Fellow
  • Tim Graham, Director of Media Analysis
  • Rich Noyes Director of Research

Business and Media Institute

Culture and Media Institute

Cybercast News Service

This no-cost services differentiates itself from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Public Radio by not accepting Federal funds. Its staff, under Bozell's overall leadership, includes:

The Washington news staff contains:

It has a Jerusalem bureau chief, Julie Stahl, and several foreign correspondents:

Reporting and accuracy

CNS said, in January 2010, that Erroll Southers, the Obama Administration now-withdrawn nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration, "Characterized Groups That Were Domestic Security Threats" as generically "Having 'Christian Identity.'" The video with the CNSNews release actually showed Southers saying domestic terror groups include "white supremacist groups" that are often "Christian Identity groups" or "Christian Identity-oriented"; according to the Anti-Defamation League, the Christian Identity movement has "virulently racist and anti-Semitic beliefs" and is tied to several domestic terrorists.[3]