Maria Menounos

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Maria Menounos (born 8 June 1978 in Medford, Massachusetts, USA) is a model, actress, beauty pageant contestant and television personality best known for her work as a hostess, correspondent and interviewer for the American television shows Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood.


Maria Menounos is an actress, model and television correspondent (for the syndicated American show Access Hollywood, which she joined in 2005) who got her start in the medium that would make her famous when she was hired as a reporter for Channel One News, a news service aimed at American primary school students. She was hired by Entertainment Tonight as a correspondent in 2002, two years after telling the show's co-host Bob Goen that she wanted his job during the Miss Massachusetts USA competition, where she finished second (Goen served as host for the Miss USA competitions in 2000). In addition to her work in television, Miss Menounous has modeled for various men's magazines (never nude) and acted in such films as Fantastic Four (2005) and Kickin it Old School (2007), as well as appearing in the television shows One on One, One Tree Hill, Without a Trace and Scrubs in acting roles.

Miss Menounos is single and lives in Los Angeles.