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A list of key readings about Lutheranism.
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  • Bodensieck, Julius, ed. The Encyclopedia of the Lutheran Church, (3 vol 1965), ECLS perspective
  • Cimino, Richard. Lutherans Today: American Lutheran Identity in the Twenty-First Century (2003) excerpt and text search
  • Hillerbrand, Hans J. ed. The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation. (OUP 1996); the book is online at many academic libraries; excerpt and text search
  • Lagerquist, L. DeAne, The Lutherans (Denominations in America) (1999) excerpt and text search
  • MacCulloch, Diarmaid. The Reformation (2005), influential recent survey excerpt and text search
  • Marty, Martin E. Lutheran Questions, Lutheran Answers: Exploring Christian Faith(2007) by a leading scholar excerpt and text search