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Linux Mint
Developed by Linux Mint Team
Software type Operating System
Latest release Mint 10 (Julia) (11-12-2010)
Source model Open Source
Licence GPL
OS Family GNU/Linux
Kernel Type Monolithic (Linux)

Linux Mint is a linux-based computer operating system, based on the Debian and Ubuntu distributions. It has been praised for being a Desktop distribution that is easy to install and use. Linux Mint's goals are to provide a useable desktop environment "out-of-the-box", with necessary drivers, codecs, and plugins installed. It also features a custom menu and desktop and several unique configuration tools.

According to, Mint was the third-most widely-followed linux distribution in 2010 (in terms of page hits). The Mint development team claims that Mint is the 4th-most widely used Desktop Operating System in the world, but there is likely no reasonable data available to support that claim.