Lillian Ngoyi-class environmental inshore patrol vessels

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South Africa operates three Lillian Ngoyi class environmental patrol vessels, based on the Damen Stan 4708 design.[1] The vessels are the Ruth First, Lillian Ngoyi and Victoria Mxenge.[2][3]

The vessels were constructed in South Africa by Farocean Marine.[3] The United States Coast Guard would later decide to construct several dozen Sentinel Class cutters, also based on the Damen Stan patrol vessel 4708 design, citing the success of the South African vessels.[1] The USCG vessels' crew was to be twice as large as the South African vessels, but their endurance was only five days, as opposed to the 14 days of the South African vessels. The South African vessels mount environmental gear where the USCG vessels mount four heavy machine guns, and a 25mm Bushmaster autocannon. The USCG vessels are 3 knots faster, with engines approximately fifty percent larger.

displacement 353 long tons
length 46.8 metres
beam 8.11 metres
draft 2.9 metres
speed 25 knots
2 x 2770 kiloWatts
1 x 75 kiloWatts bow thruster
14 days
2500 nautical miles