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A list of some works of Larry Sanger.
Academic theses
  • Descartes' methods and their theoretical background (bachelor thesis)
  • Epistemic Circularity: An Essay on the Problem of Meta-Justification (doctoral thesis)

Manifesto and background reading
  • Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge (September 2006)
  • Why the Citizendium Will (Probably) Succeed (March 2007)

Related essays
  • Who Says We Know: On the New Politics of Knowledge (, April 2007)
  • How to Think about Strong Collaboration among Professionals (text of keynote at Handelsblatt IT Congress from Jan. 30, 2007)
  • Why Make Room for Experts in Web 2.0? (text of keynote at SDForum from Oct. 24, 2006)
  • The Role of Content Brokers in the Era of Free Content (articulates one of the Citizendium Foundation's concepts for funding free content)