Laila Rouass

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Laila Rouass (born 22 June 1975 in London, England, U.K.) is a popular British actress and model best known for her role as Amber Gates in the British long-running television series Footballers' Wives.


Laila Rouass was born in East London, the eldest of seven children. She is of Moroccan and Indian parentage [1].

She began her career modeling and working for Asia's leading music channel, Channel V in Mumbai, India, where she veejayed for five years. During this time she also hosted the BBC World television program Style and appeared on the TNT show Dinner and a Movie. Rouass made her acting debut playing Yasmine in the Italian film Senso unico (1999), and followed that role with parts in the films Split Wide Open, Bawandar, The Four Feathers and Two Minutes, as well as appearances in such British television series' as Hollyoaks, Family Affairs, I Dream and Casualty (where she played the role of Gina Marshall in two episodes). Her most famous role to date was her two-year stint as Amber Gates in the popular BBC program Footballers' Wives, which she was part of from 2004 to 2006.

Laila Rouass has been married twice, first to Abdeslam Rouass (from 1991 to 2003) and currently to Nasa Khan, with whom she has a daughter (born March 2007). Mrs. Khan will soon be seen in the 2007 films Freebird and Shot on Sight (previously titled The Hunt Feast), as well as the British television mini-series Mistresses. She divides her time between homes in London, Spain and Paris.


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