Komatsu 830E

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The Komatsu 830E is an ultra class dump truck used in open pit mining.[1]

The Komatsu 830 is notable for the 231,000 kilograms capacity of its bucket.[1] While large, the 830E's capacity is just under two-thirds the capacity of its two largest competitors. the Liebherr T 282B and Caterpillar 797B. Like the German designed Liebherr model, and its larger stablemate, the Komatsu 930E, the 830E is a hybrid vehicle whose wheels are driven by alternating current electric motors. The American designed Caterpillar uses a traditional mechanical transmission, whose diesel motors connect to its driving wheels through a traditional mechanical transmission and drive train.

Komatsu 830E specifications[1]
bucket capacity 231,000 Kg, 255 US tons
transmission type diesel-electric
power 1761 kilowatts, 2360 horsepower

The Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada's Northwest Territories has a fleet of eleven 830E trucks.[2]


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