Kennesaw State University

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Kennesaw State University (KSU), the third-largest university in the University System of Georgia, United States of America, is a comprehensive university with expanding undergraduate and graduate programs in Kennesaw, Georgia, one of metropolitan Atlanta's burgeoning northwest suburban communities.

Founded in 1963, Kennesaw State is located in Cobb County and has a 240 acre campus with about one million square feet of space for administration, instruction and student support facilities. Its 4,800-seat Convocation Center is the largest venue of its kind in northwest Georgia.

The university has about 20,000 commuter and residential students, and around 1,700 from 136 countries, with an average age of 26 with 20 percent as ethnic minorities.

Kennesaw State offers about 60 bachelor's and master's degree programs and one doctoral program in Education in Leadership for Learning. Nursing students from Kennesaw State have one of the highest passing rates on the statewide licensing exam, and the College of Education is the second-largest preparer of teachers in the state. Its Executive MBA program is the second-largest program in the country and has been recognized by BusinessWeek with top 10 ratings in e-business and teamwork.