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Jamie Fly: Executive Director, Foreign Policy Initiative; Director for Counterproliferation Strategy at the National Security Council at the National Security Council (2008-2009) and Assistant for Transnational Threats Policy in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense (2005-2008); Republican National Committee 2004 campaign in Ohio and on the 2005 Presidential Inaugural Committee] Research Associate at the Council on Foreign Relations (2002-2004 [e]

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  • Neoconservatism [r]: A political philosophy and ideology which combines many traditional conservative opinions with an emphasis on the importance of foreign policy and using American power to push democracy forward. [e]
  • Foreign Policy Initiative [r]: A new neoconservative think tank concerned with the stresses on the United States and its allies from "rising and resurgent powers, including China and Russia" [e]


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