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A list of key readings about Jacksonian Democracy.
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  • Baker, Jean. Affairs of Party: The Political Culture of Northern Democrats in the Mid-Nineteenth Century 1983.
  • Benson, Lee. The Concept of Jacksonian Democracy: New York as a Test Case. 1961).
Benson rejects the economic determinism of Charles Beard and Frederick Jackson Turner; incorporates such Marxist elements as a belief in the science of history and the possibility of overarching explanatory theories for human behavior.
  • Brown, David. "Jeffersonian Ideology and the Second Party System." Historian 62, no. 1 (1999): 17-30.
  • Bugg Jr. James L., ed. Jacksonian Democracy: Myth or Reality? 1952.
Contains short essays.
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  • Cole, Donald B. Martin Van Buren and The American Political System 1984.
  • Cole, Donald B. A Jackson Man: Amos Kendall and the Rise of American Democracy 2004.
excerpt and text search
  • Cole, Donald B. Jacksonian Democracy in New Hampshire. 1970.
Uses quantitative electoral data
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Uses quantitative electoral data.
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Uses quantitative electoral data
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An excerpt from his Pulitzer-prize-winning book.
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influential state-by-state study
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essays by scholars.
  • Remini, Robert V. The Life of Andrew Jackson. 1998.
Abridgment of Remini's 3-volume biography.
  • Remini, Robert V. Martin Van Buren and the Making of the Democratic Party. 1959.
  • Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr. The Age of Jackson. 1945.
This book won the Pulitzer Prize for History; it is an intellectual history focused on Eastern labor spokesmen and downplays the role of the West in Jackson era politics.
  • Sellers, Charles. The Market Revolution: Jacksonian America, 1815-1846. 1991.
Influential reinterpretation: excerpt and text search; online complete edition
  • Sellers, Charles. James K. Polk: Jacksonian, 1795-1843. 1987.
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Reviews the historiography of Jackson to 1958.
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uses quantitative electoral data
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Uses quantitative electoral data
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Excerpts from primary and secondary sources.
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Standard scholarly survey.
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Highly detailed scholarly synthesis.
  • Wilson, Major L.; Space, Time, and Freedom: The Quest for Nationality and the Irrepressible Conflict, 1815-1861. 1974.
Intellectual history of Whigs and Democrats
  • Wilson, Major L. "Republicanism and the Idea of Party in the Jacksonian Period.” Journal of the Early Republic 8 (Winter 1988): 419-442.