Intel 8080

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The Intel 8080 is an eight-bit microprocessor designed and manufactured by Intel in the mid 1970s.[1]

intel 8080 specifications
specification value
number of transistors 6,000 transistor on die
clock speed 2 megahertz
instruction set 75 instructions
Registers seven eight bit registers.[2]
introduction date January 4, 1974
initial cost $360 each

Like rival microprocessors like the Motorola 6800, the Intel 8080 used registers that were only eight bits wide.

Zilog later produced a object compatible replacement, the Z80, with some extended features.

The Altair, Imsai and Tandy Radio Shack TRS80 microcomputer was built around the intel 8080.[3]

The 8080 is the lineal ancestor of intel's later designs, the 8088, 8086, 186, 286, 386, 486 and all of intel's Pentium processors.[2] The 8080 was the lineal descendant of the Intel 4004 and Intel 8008 microprocessors.[3]

Later integrated circuits intended for embedded computer applications, like the Intel 8052, incorporated the intel 8080 architecture, memory, and what had previously been various support chips on a single chip, allowing a "computer on a chip".[1] The 8052 was embedded in non-computer devices, like microwave ovens, and electronic fuel ignitions.