Intel 8008

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The Intel 8008 is an eight-bit microprocessor designed and manufactured by Intel.[1][2]

Intel 8008 specifications[1][2]
specification value
number of transistors 3,500 transistor on die[1][2]
clock speed 200 kilohertz[1][2]
bus speed 200 kilohertz[2]
introduction date April 1972[2], 24 August 1972[1]
transistor size 10 micron[2]

The 8008 is the lineal ancestor of Intel's later designs, the 8080, 8088, 8086, 186, 286, 386, 486 and all of Intel's Pentium processors.[3] Note that the 8080 is assembly language compatible with the 8008, but not object compatible. The 8008 was the lineal descendant of the Intel 4004.[2]