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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Inertial forces.
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  • Centrifugal force [r]: A radially outward force experienced by an object moving in a curved path [e]
  • Centripetal force [r]: The force directed normal to the path of a moving body that enables the body to navigate the curvature of the path [e]
  • Coriolis force [r]: An inertial force upon a moving object that is perpendicular to its velocity as that is seen from a rotating frame of reference, and also to the axis of rotation. [e]
  • Foucault pendulum [r]: A pendulum demonstrating the Earth's rotation as it maintains its plane of motion independent of movement of its suspension attached to planet Earth. [e]
  • Inertial frame of reference [r]: A frame of reference in which the laws of physics take their simplest form. [e]
  • Frame of reference (physics) [r]: An observational set of coordinates tied to the motion of an observer, used to describe physical events and possibly including a measurement apparatus. [e]