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The interdisciplinary study of the movement, characteristics and distribution of water, surface-water (fresh water and salt water), groundwater, and water-quality [1][2] Subdisciplines include:

  • Chemical hydrology: the study of the chemical characteristics of water. Also called hydrochemistry, chemical hydrology deals with the chemical characteristics of the surface water (freshwater and marine) and subterranean water. Water is a chemical solvent and, interacting chemically with materials with which it comes into contact, can dissolve many elements.
  • Drainage basin management hydrology.
  • Ecohydrology (the study of interactions between organisms and the hydrologic cycle).
  • Engineering hydrology
  • Global hydrology
  • Groundwater hydrology
  • Hydrobiology
  • Hydrogeology is the study of the presence and movement of water in aquifers.
  • Hydroinformatics is the adaptation of information technology to hydrology and water resources applications.
  • Hydrometeorology is the study of the transfer of water and energy between land and water body surfaces and the lower atmosphere.
  • Isotope hydrology is the study of the isotopic signatures of water.
  • Operational hydrology
  • Qualitative hydrology
  • Surface hydrology is the study of hydrologic processes that operate at or near the Earth's surface.
  • Water resources development and management



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