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  • Aerospace engineering [r]: The branch of engineering that concerns aircraft, spacecraft, and related topics. [e]
  • Aircraft [r]: A vehicle capable of sustained flight within the Earth's atmosphere. [e]
  • Airship [r]: A buoyant aircraft that can be steered and propelled through the air. [e]
  • Balloon (aircraft) [r]: Lighter-than-air craft that remains aloft due to its buoyancy, and without a propulsion system, lifted by inflation of one or more containers with a gas lighter than air or with heated air. [e]
  • Buoyancy [r]: The upward force exerted on an object that is partially or completely immersed in a fluid having a density that is higher than the density of the object. [e]
  • Gas balloon [r]: Any balloon that stays aloft due to being filled with a gas less dense than air or lighter than air (such as helium or hydrogen). [e]
  • Helium [r]: A chemical element, having the chemical symbol He, and atomic number (the number of protons) 2. [e]
  • Paris [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Thermal airship [r]: Airship that generates its lift via the difference in density due to a temperature differential between the gas inside its envelope and the ambient air. [e]