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A list of key readings about Hokusai.
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Further reading

  • Jack Hillier, Hokusai: Paintings, Drawings and Woodcuts (Phaidon, London, 1955) (OCLC 5517124) - This is a well-known, moderate length introduction to Hokusai; it has been reprinted many times since its original publication.
  • Matthi Forrer, Hokusai (Rizzoli, New York, 1988) (ISBN 0-8478-0989-7) - This is the most detailed work on Hokusai; a large, comprehensive, coffee-table book.
  • Richard Lane, Hokusai: Life and Work (E.P. Dutton, New York, 1989) (ISBN 0-525-24455-7) - Another extensive survey of his life and work.

Specific works

For readers who want more information on specific works by Hokusai, these particular works are recommended.

  • James A. Michener, The Hokusai Sketch-Books: Selections from the 'Manga' (Charles E. Tuttle, Rutland, 1958) (OCLC 26157495)
  • Muneshige Narazaki, (translated John Bester), Masterworks of Ukiyo-E: Hokusai - The Thirty-Six Views of Mt. Fuji (Kodansha, Tokyo, 1968) (OCLC 89771)
  • Ichitaro Kondo, (translated Charles S. Terry), The Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai (East-West Center, Honolulu, 1966) (OCLC 11979716)
  • Jack Hillier, F. W. Dickens, Fugaku Hiyaku-kei (One Hundred Views of Fuji by Hokusai) (Frederick, New York, 1960)
  • Henry D. Smith II, Hokusai: One Hundred Views of Mt. Fuji (George Braziller, New York, 1988) (ISBN 0807611956)
  • Peter Morse, Hokusai: One Hundred Poets (George Braziller, New York, 1989) (ISBN 0807612138)


The bibliography of all works on Hokusai is lengthy. These works were consulted in the preparation of this article.

  • Theodore Bowie, The Drawings of Hokusai (Indiana University, Bloomington, 1964) (OCLC 1523734)
  • Jack Hillier, Art of Hokusai in Book Illustration (Sotheby Publications, London, 1980) ISBN 0520041372
  • Matthi Forrer, Willem R. van Gulik, Heinz M. Kaempfer, Hokusai and His School: Paintings, Drawings and Illustrated Books (Frans Halsmuseum, Haarlem, 1982) ISBN 9070216027
  • Charlotte van Rappard-Boon, Hokusai and his School: Japanese Prints c. 1800-1840 (Catalogue of the Collection of Japanese Prints, Rijksmuseum, Part III) (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, 1982)