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High value unit: In military air or sea operations, the most critical units (e.g., C3I-ISR or tanker aircraft, aircraft carriers, command, or amphibious troopships) in a formation, which receive the greatest protection [e]

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Parent topics

  • Tactics [r]: Military concepts and techniques used to fight a battle once battle is joined. [e]


  • Aircraft carrier [r]: A warship designed to launch and recover combat aircraft and aircraft that support military operations [e]
  • Air refueling [r]: Transferring fuel from one aircraft to another while both are in flight. [e]
  • Amphibious warfare [r]: The set of techniques, equipment, specialized units, and methods of training needed to move troops across water, and deliver them to land, ready for immediate combat. [e] in this context, ships carrying large numbers of personnel
  • C3I-ISR [r]: Command, control, communications and intelligence, combined with intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance [e]
  • Replenishment ship [r]: A naval support ship that can transfer supplies, including fuel, to other warships that are underway, either by underway replenishment steaming side-by-side, vertical replenishment by helicopters, or both; it is fast enough to keep up with warships [e]

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