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Hanyang University is one of the largest institution of higher education in South Korea. It is located in Seoul, with a second campus in the suburban city of Ansan. The founding principle and educational philosophy of Hanyang University is Love in Truth and in Deed. It is one of the highest ranked universities located in South Korea. According to the magazine Asiaweek, the university ranks the 38th in Asia.[1]


Dong-A Polytechnic Institute, the forerunner of Hanyang University, was founded in 1939 during the Japanese occupation of Korea. The Institute's aim was to build a nucleus of engineers and technicians necessary for an independent Korea. In July 1948, after liberation of Korea, the school was accredited as the first four-year engineering college in the nation.[2] Later, in February 1959, its status was raised to that of a four-year university. In the 1960s and 1970s, Hanyang University graduates, particularly those from the College of Engineering, led the way in Korea's national drive for industrialization and modernization.[3]The university expanded to other fields such as the sciences, medicine, law, trade and commerce, and physical education during the 1970s and 1980s.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Hanyang University launched its research in a variety of fields ranging from economics to engineering. The university attracted several National BK21 programs[4], organized Hanyang Industry Digital Park, and established several research institutes[5].

Also, Hanyang University became one of the centers of National Research & Development projects.[6] such as Quantum Photonic Science Research Center.

According to 2006 JoongAng university evaluation, Hanyang University is placed as one of the most important universities in Korea. The university recorded high performances in various fields.[7] As of March 2001, it had 20 colleges (faculties), 92 departments, 15 Schools of Graduate Studies, 2 university hospitals with 1,600 beds, and 43 research institutes at the Seoul and Ansan campuses. Enrollment totals 36,000 students including 9,400 graduate students. The full-time teaching faculty consists of 1,120 professors, in addition there are also some 2,260 part-time lecturers and instructors and over 1,140 teaching assistants.

University founding philosophy

Educational ideals and objective

Hanyang’s educational ideals are aimed at instilling a firm sense of humanitarianism within its students. “Honesty, integrity, diligence, and philanthropy” are the virtues underscored in the University’s curriculum. Hanyang University’s educational objective is to practically educate and professionally train its students to be active contributors in the development of local communities, the nation, and society on various levels and in different fields. [8]

The Hanyang Volunteer Corps

The Hanyang Volunteer Corps (HVC) was founded in 1994. Its main goal has been to contribute to the people in the local community under the founding philosophy, "Love in Truth and in Deed."


Hanyang university consists of two campuses each in Seongdong-gu,Seoul and Sangrok-gu, Ansan. Each Seoul and Ansan Campus,as of March 2007,composed of equally 94 buildings. [9]


Seoul Campus

Ansan campus

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