HMBS Leonard C Banfield

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HMBS Leonard C Banfield (P 02) is a patrol vessel of the Barbados Coast Guard.[1][2] She was commissioned on September 14, 2007. She is built to the design of the Damen Group's Stan 4207 patrol vessel, a class of 42 metre 240 ton vessels.[1]

According to Aviation Week the vessel and her sister ships primary armament was a non-lethal water cannon, but she was also armed with machine guns.[1] They reported she was capable of 26 knots and had an at sea endurance of 4 days. She is built to withstand sea state 8 conditions. She was built in the Netherlands at Damen′s Gorinchem Shipyards.

She and her sister ships are equipped with a stern launching ramp, like some other cutters built to Damen designs.[1] The stern launching ramp allows a water-jet powered pursuit boat to be launched and retrieved without bringing the cutter to a halt.

Aviation Week reports that the local Barbadian Press reported the vessels cost $6 million each.[1]


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