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The Guardian-class patrol boats are a class of small patrol vessels designed and built in Australia for small Pacific Ocean countries.[1][2]

The class is designed to be updated replacements for the Pacific Forum patrol vessels provided to its allies from 1987 to 1997.[1][3][4][5][6][7] Australia provided twenty-two Pacific Forum vessels to twelve nations. They were designed to use commercial off the shelf components, to make them easier to maintain for the small nations that would operate them. Australia stood ready to help with training and maintenance, during the duration of the program, because Australia's external security issues were eased if it could count on its sovereign neighbours having resources to police their own external security.

Austal was commissioned to build 19 Guardian-class boats in 2016.[8][9] Austal's contract allows it to market the design to additional customers.[10] Subsequently, an additional two vessels were ordered for Timor-Leste, scheduled for delivery in late 2023.

Austal delivered HMPNGS Ted Diro to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force on 30 November 2018.[11] Her engines broke down in October 2019, and she had to be towed to Australia for repairs.[12]


Like the class of vessels they will replace, these small vessels will allow Australia's small neighbours to patrol their own economic zones. They will be able to control smuggling, unregulated fishing, and perform search and rescue duties.[9][13] The Guardian class will be slightly larger, will have better sea-keeping capabilities, and their electronics suite will be up to date.


The Australian government called for submission in March 2015.[9][13] Five consortia submitted designs for the class.[14] Austal was chosen as the contractor in April 2016.

The vessels will be 39.5 m (Expression error: Missing operand for round. ftin) long, steel monohull design, capable of traveling 3000 nmi (Expression error: Missing operand for round. {{{3}}}) at 12 kn (Expression error: Missing operand for round. {{{3}}}), with a maximum speed of 20 kn (Expression error: Missing operand for round. {{{3}}}).[1] They are designed to berth a complement of 23 crew members. They will have a stern launching ramp for a pursuit boat.[15][16] Austal will deliver the vessels without armament, but they were designed to be capable of mounting an autocannon of up to 30 mm (1.18 in) on their foredeck, and a heavy machine gun on either side of their bridge.

The vessel's twin diesel engines can provide 4000 kW (Expression error: Missing operand for round. shp).[9] Sophisticated electronic engine controls will help conserve fuel.

One of the main deck staterooms, a stateroom with two bunks, is equipped with separate ventilation, so it can be used as an infirmary for infectious patients.[2]

On May 28, 2021, a representative of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force announced that its Guardian class vessels would carry deck guns.[17] Austal would install armament prior to delivery of the third and fourth vessel. Its first two vessels would return to Austal's shipyards to be retrofitted with armament.


The keel of the first vessel was laid in July 2017.[18] That vessel was scheduled to be delivered to Papua New Guinea in October 2018.[19][20] New vessels are scheduled to be completed every three months.[21][22][23] The first vessel was commissioned into the PNGDF on 1 February 2019.[24] The second was commissioned into the Tuvalu Police Force on 5 April 2019.[25][26]

Austal's contract contains provisions to provide maintenance support to the client states, for seven years, out of its Cairns facility.[9]

Disposition of Guardian-class boats[13][27]
Image Name Customer    Delivery    Commissioning Retirement Notes
HMPNGS Ted Diro (P401) -b.jpg HMPNGS Ted Diro (P401) Papua New Guinea 2018-11-30 2019-02-01
HMTSS Te Mataili II (802) Tuvalu 2019 2019-04-05
VOEA Ngahau Koula (P301) Tonga 2019 2019-10-16
  • The vessel's crew may contain both men and women.[36][37][38][39]
  • Commissioned on 16 October 2019.[40]
Western Samoan patrol vessel Nafanua II Samoa 2019-08-16[41] 2019-10[42]
RSIPV Gizo at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, September 2019 01.jpg RSIPV Gizo 05 Solomon Islands 2019-11-08 2019-12-19
RFNS Savenaca Fiji 2020-03-06
PSS Remeliik II, Guardian class patrol boat, at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, March 2020 03.jpg PSS Remeliik II Palau 2020-09-18
Teanoai II (301) at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, September 2020 01.jpg RKS Teanoai II (301) Kiribati 2020-04-18[58][59] 2021-06-18[59]
  • Teanoai II was launched on 24 April 2020.[60]
  • Covid 19 virus health counter-measures delayed the delivery of the Teanoai II until June 2021.[59]
VOEA Ngahau Siliva (P302) at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, August 2020 01.jpg VOEA Ngahau Siliva (P302) Tonga 2020-10-30 2021-01-27
RSIPV Taro at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, March 2021 01.jpg RSIPV Taro 06 Solomon Islands 2021-05-07
  • Solomon Islands will receive two vessels.[27]
  • The second vessel will replace RSIPV Auki.[47]
  • Taro was delivered to a Solomon Island crew, in Henderson, Australia, on May 7, 2021.[64][65][66]
HMPNGS Rochus Lokinap (P402) at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, November 2020 01.jpg HMPNGS Rochus Lokinap (P402) Papua New Guinea 2021-04-13
  • Papua New Guinea will receive a total of four vessels.[28]
RVS Takuare Vanuatu 2021-08-02 Delivered just 6 weeks after the 11th vessel[67][68][69]
HMPNGS Francis Agwi boat at Austal shipyards in Henderson, Western Australia, October 2021 02.jpg HMPNGS Francis Agwi (P403) Papua New Guinea 2021-10-22
  • Papua New Guinea will receive a total of four vessels.[28][70][71]
Te Kukupa II Cook Islands 2022-01-19
Papua New Guinea
  • Papua New Guinea will receive a total of four vessels.[28]
Republic of Marshall Islands
Federated States of Micronesia 2022
  • Federated States of Micronesia will receive two vessels in 2022.[27][74]
Federated States of Micronesia 2022
  • Federated States of Micronesia will receive two vessels.[27][74]
Fiji 2023
Timor-Leste 2023[77][78]
  • Timor-Leste will receive two vessels.[27]
Timor-Leste 2023[77][78]
  • Timor-Leste will receive two vessels.[27]

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