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Grevillea is a widely-known and extremely popular genus of predominantly Australian plant.


It and the Banksia genus contain some of Australia's best-loved native flowers. It is an extremely diverse genus, with hundreds of species varying from ground covers to substantive trees. The flowers have one common element: a distinctive brushlike form, that can be long, short, wide, slender, small or large.

Grevilleas are generally drought-resistant and tolerate a wide range of conditions and soils. This, combined with their beauty, has helped popularize them. Although many are difficult for amateurs to propagate, natural and hybrid forms are widely available, and there are grevilleas to suit every type of Australian climate.

The popularity of the genus can have positive benefits for some of its rarer species. Grevillea jephcottii is also commonly known as 'Green Grevillea', 'Jephcotts Grevillea' and 'Pine Mountain Grevillea', and is a previously rare Australian native that has experienced significant growth in total numbers due to an increasing popularity in plantings in backyard gardens.[1]


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