Glen Class tugs

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The HMAV Glendale, a Canadian Glen Class tug.

The Canadian Armed Forces' Maritime Command operates five Glen class tugs.[1][2] The five vessels are the CFAV Glendyne (YTB 640), CFAV Glendale (YTB 641), CFAV Glenevis (YTB 642), CFAV Glenbrook (YTB 643) and CFAV Glenside (YTB 644). Glenevis, Glenbrook and Glenside are based in CFB Halifax, on Canada's East Coast. Glendyne and Glendale are based in CFB Esquimalt.

The Canadian Armed Forces operates six other smaller tugboats, the 140 ton CFAV Tillicum, and five 45 ton Ville class tugs.[3] The smaller tugs are also split between both coasts.

While the Glen class tugs are equipped for firefighting, the Canadian Armed Forces maintains a pair of dedicated Fire class fireboats, the 140 ton CFAV Firebrand (YTR 562) and the CFAV Firebird (YTR 561), one each in each port.[4] The crews of the fireboats are cross trained and able to crew a Glen class vessel in emergencies.

Canada operated a fleet of tugs built during World War 2, which were also called the Glen class.[2] The vessels of the current Glen class are each named after one of the vessels of the earlier class. The vessels of the earlier class were sold off into civilian service. The World War 2 vintage Glenevis was still in civilian service as late as 2007.

displacement 250 gross tons
length 28.95m
beam 9.29m
draught 4.4m
powerplant 2 x Ruston-Paxman diesels (1800hp)
propulsion 2x voith-schneider cycloidal propellers
maximum 11+ knots (20.37 km/h)
towing 9 knots (16.65 km/h)
crew 6 - 10
bollard pull 19 tons