Gianna Bryant

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Gianna Bryant
Other names mambacita
Born 2006-05-01
Orange County, California, U.S.
Died 2020-01-26
Calabasas, California
Known for basketball prodigy[1]

Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant was the second daughter of Vanessa Laine Bryant and NBA player Kobe Bryant.[2][3][4] Bryant followed her father's example, and played basketball. Commentators reported that she was highly skilled, even though she was only a child.[5] Her father had told reporters Gianna was "'hellbent' on playing ball for Geno Auriemma at UConn." He described how he concurred with her judgement of basketball plays.[6] He coached the team she played on.[7]

The Hartford Courant reported, by 2018, that college basketball coaches were asking her father to encourage Bryant to attend their colleges, and join their teams.[8]

USA Today noted, in June 2018, that, at 12 years old, she was already taller than her mother, and speculated that, by the time she was grown, she might be close to as tall as her father.[9] They wrote "That size with Bryant’s skill is an absolutely terrifying combination for a young dynamo who clearly has the ability to dominate the flow of a game on the court."

On December 30, 2019, Bryant's father Kobe filed to trademark "Mambacite", her sports nickname, on her behalf.[1][10] His sports nickname had been "The Black Mamba", and her nickname reflected that she had mastered his style.[11] Sports jerseys, and other similar sports items, bearing her trademarked name, would be made available for her fans to buy.

Bryant, her father, and several other members of her team were all killed when the helicopter they were using to go to a game crashed.[11]


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