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A field army is the Western term for a large ground forces formation made up of two or more corps plus units under the direct control of the army commander. Typically, it will have at least 100,000 personnel.

While field armies were maneuvering elements in the Second World War, it is unlikely that forces this large will any longer operate as a single unit on the ground. The term, however, is used for organizations that provide the basis for a U.S. Unified Combatant Command Land Forces Component.

Second World War

Organization Commander(s) Theaters
Eighth British Army * Bernard Law Montgomery North Africa
Second Canadian Army * J.D. Crerar Western Europe
First United States Army * Courtney Hodges Western Europe
Third United States Army * George Patton Western Europe
Sixth United States Army * Walter Krueger Southwest Pacific
Seventh United States Army * George Patton
Eighth United States Army * Robert Eichelberger Southwest Pacific