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  • AN- [r]: U.S. military nomenclature for electronic equipment, following the Joint Electronics Type Designation System [e]
  • Bandwidth [r]: In engineering, the length between two cut-off frequencies, as measured in hertz. [e]
  • Codec [r]: Device that converts analog signals to digital form for transmission and converts signals traveling in the opposite direction from digital to analog form. [e]
  • Convergence of communications [r]: Technical specifications and infrastructure to allow all types of communications (e.g., telephone, web, television) to interface over a common set of information transfer technologies [e]
  • Ethernet [r]: An early proprietary standard for local area networks developed by IEEE Project 802; the term has become generic for various connectors and communications techniques although the name of a standard would be more precise. [e]
  • Imagery (disambiguation) [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Plain Old Telephone Service [r]: A telephone with minimal or no electronics, and minimal services besides voice, either because it is an old installation, or as backup to a more complex system [e]
  • Public Switched Telephone Network [r]: Network of the world's public circuit-switched telephone systems, the is now almost entirely digital and includes mobile as well as fixed telephones. [e]
  • TSEC- [r]: The alphanumeric designation system for communications security (COMSEC) equipment under the control of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) [e]
  • Telemedicine [r]: The use of electronic communications to enable providers to diagnose, provide information, and deliver health services when they are not available for on-site service delivery [e]