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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about English language.
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Parent topics

  • Language (general) [r]: A type of communication system, commonly used in linguistics, computer science and other fields to refer to different systems, including 'natural language' in humans, programming languages run on computers, and so on. A wider definition of language - what counts as a language and what doesn't - is a difficult philosophical topic, deserving an article in its own right. [e]
  • Linguistics [r]: The scientific study of language. [e]



  • English grammar [r]: The body of rules describing the properties of the English language. [e]
  • English phonemes [r]: A list of abstract sound units and their various spellings. [e]
  • English spellings [r]: Lists of English words showing pronunciation, and articles about letters. [e]

Varieties of English

  • Commonwealth English [r]: A blanket term for the English that developed during the British Empire separately from the United States of America. [e]



  • English English [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Cockney [r]: Working class Londoners, particularly those in the East End, or form of English spoken by this group. [e]
  • Brummie [r]: A colloquial term for the inhabitants, accent and dialect of Birmingham, England, as well as being a general adjective used to denote a connection with the city, locally called Brum. [e]

  • Scottish English [r]: All varieties of English spoken in Scotland; may not include Scots where this is identified as a language in its own right. [e]
Northern Ireland

North America

  • American English [r]: Any of the spoken and written variants of the English language originating in the United States of America; widely used around the world. [e]
  • Canadian English [r]: Any of the dialects of English, standard or not, that are used in Canada. [e]




English as a foreign language

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