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Emily Piggford
Emily Piggford at the 2018 CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser (44549756862) (cropped).jpg
Victoria, BC[1]
Occupation Actor, film producer

Emily Piggsford is a Canadian actor and television producer. Her film debut was as Naya, an inuit hunter trapped in a time-warp, who finds herself in modern downtown Toronto, Ontario.[2][3] Frost was a 15 minute short that premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Piggford has played recurring characters on The Umbrella Academy, The Girlfriend Experience, Michael: Every Day, Strays.[4][5] She was a producer and lead for the web series That’s My DJ and Warigami.[6][7][1]

Piggsford served as a producer, and played a supporting role in The Sounds, a drama co-produced by Canada and New Zealand, which premiered in 2020.[8] The Decider called her the series "sleeper star".


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