Emily Coutts

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Emily Coutts
Emily Coutts at a CFC event in L.A. 2018 (39149205910).jpg
Occupation actor, writer, producer
Known for playing an officer on the TV series Star Trek Discovery

Emily Coutts is a Canadian actor.[1] She graduated from Toronto, Ontario's York University's drama program, and is best known for playing an officer on Star Trek Discovery, which is filmed in Toronto.[2][3][4]

Coutts has written and produced several small, independent films.[1]

In the second season of Star Trek Discover Coutts character gets a cybernetic brain implant.[3]

In 2018 Coutts appeared in a web-series she co-wrote and co-produced, entitled Beattie & Me.[5] In it her real-life friend, co-writer and co-producer, Melanie Leishman, play sisters who sell cosmetics in the mid-1990s, just when the internet was becoming popular.


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    When Jonathan Frakes was directing he was like “Ah, this reminds me of the good old days, back on the bridge shenanigans.” And that is kind of like what it is. You get so deliriously tired that eventually you start singing. Saru gets his long legs up there on the captain’s chair and it is a good old time.

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