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Educational technology concerns itself with the application, support and use of technology in the learning process. The idea of technology is used liberally; personal computers (desktop, laptop), interactive whiteboards, scientific and graphing calculators, LCD projectors, "smart" pens, question/response systems ("clickers"), handheld computers, cellphones, iPods, and simple electronic devices can all fall under the broad scope of educational technology when used for educational purposes.

Insufficient ongoing supportive organizational structure, annual budget (think TCO - Total Cost of Ownership), technical support, administrative understanding and support, professional development, pedagogical theory, and clear vision have blunted the use of technology as an instructional tool in many schools (especially public schools).

Despite these formidable structural obstacles, educational technology continues to show promise as an effective instructional practice.

How is technology being used in education?

Personal computers in education

History of technology in education

Does it work?

This report from the Metiri Group suggests that technology in education does work when it is implemented properly.

[1]Link to Report


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