Durham (cricket)

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The earliest known reference to cricket in the county of Durham is a match in August 1751.[1] An ad hoc county team existed in the 1870s and Durham County Cricket Club was founded on 23 May 1882.

Durham were founder members of the Minor Counties Championship in 1895 and won the competition nine times (twice shared) between then and 1984.[2] On 6 December 1991, they were awarded first-class status and joined the County Championship in 1992. Durham won the County Championship in 2008, 2009 and 2013. They have also won three limited overs competitions.

The club's main venue is the Riverside Ground, in Chester-le-Street, which is overlooked by Lumley Castle and stages international matches. Several Durham players have represented England including Paul Collingwood, Steve Harmison, Graham Onions, Ben Stokes and Mark Wood.


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