DuPont State Forest

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The top waterfall in a series of three cascades known as Triple Falls in early autumn. One of the four larger falls in DuPont State Forest.

DuPont State Forest is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains between Hendersonville and Brevard in western North Carolina (U.S. state). Its 10,400 acres of forest feature four major waterfalls on Little River and several on Grassy Creek.

The original 7,600-acre forest was established in 1996 after what the State Forest website describes as a "generous bargain sale" from DuPont Corporation.[1] The property was expanded twice, including a 2,200-acre tract in the center of the Forest containing High Falls, Triple Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls.

The Forest lies in an upland plateau of the Little River valley, with large sections of gently rolling land bordered by moderately steep hills and mountains lined with ridges of exposed granite slabs and domes. Elevations reach 3600' on the granite dome of Stone Mountain. The entire property is forested except for 21 small wildlife clearings, hundreds of acres of exposed granite, and a former camp facility on Lake Julia. Foliage consists mostly of medium aged mixed hardwood trees gradually succeeding softwoods dating back to fires, farms, and forestry operations in the middle part of this century. Sections of the property are white pine plantation.

The Forest provides an ecological experience for hikers, bikers, equestrians, hunters and fishermen.

Trails and Roads

Approximately eighty miles of dirt roads exist on the property. The paved roads are public roadways open to motorized traffic, but all remaining roads are closed to vehicles, though they are maintained to support forestry & fire operations. Many of these roads have gentle grades, and present excellent opportunities for hikers, bikers, and riders wanting to avoid steep terrain. Camping is permitted for organized groups, but only with permission and usually requires a service project to be performed as remuneration.

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