Dong Sy Nguyen

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Dong Sy Nguyen was the People's Army of Viet Nam commander of the 559th Transportation Group, which actually operated the Ho Chi Minh trail. After the war, he rose to lieutenant general in the logistical side of the PAVN. Entering the government, he became an alternate Politburo member in 1982 and a full member in 1986, but was removed as minister of communications and transportation in June 1986 due to allegations of corruption. [1]

In 1998, however, he was back in government as special commissioner for state inspection in central Vietnam, and again accused of corruption.[2] His responsibilities in 2000, however, included construction of the Ho Chi Minh Highway, a north-south road essentially paralleling the Trail. [3]

Later, he became a Deputy Prime Minister. In 2007, he received the Gold Star Order from Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.[4]


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