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  • Coulomb's law [r]: An inverse-square distance law, like Newton's gravitational law, describing the forces acting between electric point charges; also valid for the force between magnetic poles. [e]
  • Dirac delta function [r]: Sharply peaked function, generalization of the Kronecker delta; a distribution that maps a regular function onto a single function value. [e]
  • Fourier transform [r]: Decomposition to the sum or integral of functions. [e]
  • Heaviside step function [r]: A function of a real variable x that is zero for x < 0 and 1 for x > 0. [e]
  • Support (mathematics) [r]: (1) The set of points where a function does not take some specific value, such as zero. (2) In a topological space, the closure of that set. [e]