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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Discourse on Method.
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  • Cogito ergo sum [r]: René Descartes' most famous catchphrase: "I think, therefore I am". [e]
  • Epistemology [r]: Philosophical discipline dealing with the nature of knowledge and justification of beliefs. [e]
  • French language [r]: A Romance language spoken in northwestern Europe (mainly in France, Belgium, Switzerland), in Canada and in many other countries. [e]
  • History of scientific method [r]: Development and elaboration of rules for scientific reasoning and investigation. [e]
  • Philosophy [r]: The study of the meaning and justification of beliefs about the most general, or universal, aspects of things. [e]
  • René Descartes [r]: French 17th-century philosopher, mathematician and scientist, author of the Discourse on Method. [e]
  • Scientific method [r]: The concept of systematic inquiry based on hypotheses and their testing in light of empirical evidence. [e]
  • Soul [r]: In religion and philosophy, the deeper aspect or essence of a person. [e]