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Direct 8
Company form société anonyme (corporation)
Ownership type Private
Founded 2005, by Vincent Bolloré
Headquarters 31 Quai de Dion Bouton
Puteaux , Ile de France
Industry TV network
Product/Service TV Broadcast

Direct 8 is a French television network, wholly owned by the Bolloré Group.[1] It was created in 2005 by billionaire businessman Vincent Bolloré and it is managed by his son, Yannick Bolloré.[2] Direct 8 is the French channel number 8 and its main characteristic is broadcasting most of its shows live. The word "direct" in French means "live".

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Direct 8 broadcasts shows with a variety of topics, such as politics, economics, sports, entertainment, ecology, and cinema:

  • 88 Minutes: talk show hosted by Caroline Ithurbide and Boris Ehrgott - category: politics, economics, entertainment
  • Avant d'Acheter: show hosted by Emmanuel Pontneau - category: economics
  • Bien-Être: show hosted by Charlotte Savreux - category: sociology
  • Ça Tourne: show hosted by Laurie Cholewa - category: cinema
  • Déco 8: show hosted by Caronile Munoz - category: interior design
  • Direct Poker: show hosted by Patrice Lafont - category: games
  • Direct Sport: show hosted by Jezabel Lemonier and Mikis Cerieix - category: sport
  • Face à Alain Minc: show hosted by Alain Minc - category: politics
  • Facile la Vie: show hosted by Emmanuel Pontneau - category: economics
  • Gym Direct: show hosted by Sandrine Arcizet - category: sport
  • La 8ème Dimension: show hosted by François Barré and Alexandre Carré - category: entertainment
  • L'Édito: show hosted by Philippe Labro - category: politics, economics, news, entertainment
  • Les Animaux de la 8: show hosted by Elodie Ageron and Sandrine Arcizet - category: animals
  • Morandini: show hosted by Jean-Marc Morandini - category: television
  • On Aura Tout Vu: show hosted by Max - category: entertainment
  • Politiquement Parlant: show hosted by Valérie Trierweiler - category: politics
  • Récréadulte: show hosted by Ludmilla Milova, Anabelle Veron and Allan Van Darc - category: entertainment
  • TNT Show: show hosted by Laurie Cholewa - category: music
  • Touche Pas à Ma Planète: show hosted by Clélie Mathias - category: ecology
  • Zap8: show hosted by Rachel Bourlier - category: entertainment


Direct 8 is broadcasted nantionwide in France and around the world through: