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The Design Academy Eindhoven is a college in the city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, that is specialized in industrial design. The academy offers a 4-year Bachelor's program and several Master's programs. Chartered in 1947 as Akademie voor Industriële Vormgeving Eindhoven (AIVE) [Academy for Industrial Design Eindhoven], the school has gained an international reputation. When the college was attracting more and more non-Dutch students, because its reputation outside The Netherlands was growing rapidly, it was decided in 1997 to change its name to the present English name.

The prestigious British design magazine ICON placed the Academy in 2005 at 5th position (directly below the Italian city of Milan) in a worldwide list of the most influential persons, places, products, and institutions. ICON states

The fact that they [the Academy's staff] are all directly involved in nurturing the next generation of designers – and in many cases giving them employment – makes Design Academy Eindhoven the most influential organisation at the heart of the world’s most influential national design culture.