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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Democritus.
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  • Anaximander [r]: (fl. early 6th c. BC) A Greek philosopher who held that the primary principal of the world consisted of a boundless, non-material entity which underlay the world and its various changes. [e]
  • Atheism [r]: Absence of belief in any god or other supernatural beings; distinct from antitheism, or opposition to religion, and agnosticism, the position that one cannot know whether such beings exist. [e]
  • Atomic hypothesis [r]: Article describing the atomic hypothesis and its historical development and significance [e]
  • Epicurus [r]: Ancient Greek philosopher who founded epicureanism. [e]
  • Milky Way [r]: The Milky Way galaxy which contains our solar system. [e]
  • Positivist calendar [r]: Alternative calendar proposed by Auguste Comte in 1849, with each day and month celebrating a different person. [e]
  • Pythagoras [r]: Greek mathematician and thinker of the 6th century BCE. [e]
  • Thales [r]: (fl. 6th century B.C.) Greek philosopoher sometimes considered the founder of modern philosophy and astronomy; important chiefly because he sought for a natural explanation of phenomena rather than a mythical or religious explanation. [e]