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Deborah Bonham
Years active 1984–
Status Active
Origin Redditch
Music genre(s) Blues rock, Folk rock, Rock

Deborah Louise Bonham (b. 7 February 1962) is an English rock and blues singer-songwriter. She is the younger sister of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, aunt of Jason Bonham, and Zoe Bonham.


Born in Redditch, Worcestershire, England, Bonham was raised in a cottage on the family property, Old Hyde Farm, Cutnall Green, Worcestershire. She attended Holy Trinity Convent School for Girls in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.[1] Inspired after seeing Led Zeppelin perform at Birmingham Town Hall on 13 June 1969, she began learning music and performing her own songs.[2] Her first demos were recorded at the age of 17, under the tutelage of singer Robert Plant who lived nearby, with her nephew drummer Jason Bonham. Bonham sent out the demos anonymously to various labels, determined to make it in the music business on her own, and soon secured a recording contract with Carrere Records in 1985. Her first album entitled For You and the Moon was a major commercial and critical success. It was voted 'Record of the Year' by German music publication Musik Mart, voted 'Record of the Week' by BBC Radio 1's Simon Bates, and reached the Top 5 on the NME albums chart.[3]

After a number of European and UK concerts, for much of the late 1980s Bonham recorded with Japanese Sam Corporation, appearing in noted music magazine Burrn, as well as performances for J-Wave FM Radio. During this period she also took time off to complete a university degree. Returning to recording she contributed to the Hardin & York album Still a Few Pages Left, and she was signed with RPM Records, finally releasing the CD single 'Perfect World' in 1995. With a new touring band, Bonham headlined the Belfast Festival at Queen's and performed sell-out shows such as at the Bottom Line, in Shepherd's Bush. Major tours followed in the United States of America in 1997, with a highlight an on-air performance of Bonham with the syndicated Rockline radio programme, which was broadcast to an audience of three million.[4] She also appeared at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, performing with Slash, Terry Reid, and Jason Bonham's band. Later that year Bonham at the Glastonbury Festival and Fairport Cropredy Convention. In 1998, Bonham sang 'Talking Ain't Cheap' for the Eddie Hardin Wizard's Convention, Vol. 2 album.

Bonham is closely associated with the charity organisation Moorcroft Race Horse Welfare Centre, contributing vocals to a number of tracks on the 2004 album With a Lot of Help from Our Friends. In September 2004, she released her second album entitled The Old Hyde via the Track label and again embarked on another tour.[5] Bonham was part of the Jools Holland Stadium and Arena tour November-December 2004, as well as recording 'I Can't Stand the Rain' and appearing live with soul singer Ann Peebles. She was also a member of the Soul Divas Tour with Sam Brown, Ruby Turner, and Kym Mazelle. Her third album, Duchess, was released in the US on June 2008 by Atco Records via Rhino.[6] Throughout 2008 and 2009, Bonham toured the United Kingdom and secured a one-off appearance in the Gulf state of Bahrain. She recorded for the Radio 2 Paul Jones R&B Show, at the Maryport Blues Festival,[7] and is currently preparing songs for a new album.


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