D.A. Abrams

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Duff A. Abrams (1880-1965) was an early pioneer in the research of concrete. His research led to a number of test methods still in use today, and to a greater understanding of the relations between concrete mix design and the properties of hardened concrete. Abrams was involved with the laboratory of the Portland Cement Association for much of his career, and was the president of the American Concrete Institute in 1930-1931.

Books and papers

  • Design of Concrete Mixtures - 1920 - Structural Materials Research Laboratory, Lewis Institute
  • Tests of Bond Between Concrete and Steel - 1913 - University of Illinois
  • Studies of Bond Between Concrete and Steel - 1925 - Structural Materials Research Laboratory
  • Wear Tests of Concrete - 1925 - Structural Materials Research Laboratory
  • Water-Cement Ration as a Basis of Concrete Quality - ACI Journal Proceedings, 1927 - ACI
  • Effect of Tannic Acid on the Strength of Concrete - 1922 - Structural Materials Research Laboratory
  • Effect of Hydrated Lime and Other Powdered Admixtures in Concrete - 1920 - Structural Materials Research Laboratory
  • Flexural Strength of Plain Concrete - ACI Journal Proceedings, 1922 - ACI
  • Making Good Concrete - ACI Journal Proceedings, 1924 - ACI