Cut Loose

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Cut Loose
Type Studio album
Artist Paul Rodgers
Release Date October 1983
Recorded March 1983 at Sundown Studio, Kingstone, Somerset.
Genre Rock, blues-rock
Language English
Length 40 minutes 53 seconds
Label Atlantic Records
Catalogue Atlantic 78 0121 1 (UK),
Atlantic 7 80121-1 (US)
Producer Paul Rodgers
Engineer Julian Mendelsohn

Cut Loose is a studio album by English singer-songwriter Paul Rodgers. It was recorded in March 1983 at Sundown Studio, Kingstone, Somerset, and released on Atlantic Records in October 1983.


After the death of Led Zeppelin's drummer John Bonham, and the dissolution of the record label Swan Song Records, Bad Company produced one final album Rough Diamonds before breaking up. Rodgers however had already been toying with the idea of a solo project in the late 1970s. Rodgers wrote, produced, sang, and played on every song on Cut Loose, and it was recorded in his home studio in Kingstone.[1] Rodgers played guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, and drums.[2] 'Superstar Woman' is a re-recorded version of a previously unreleased Bad Company composition (It was finally issued on 1999's The 'Original' Bad Company Anthology). 'Live in Peace' was also re-recorded by Rodgers and Jimmy Page for the Firm's 1986 album Mean Business. Many of the songs on Cut Loose would also appear in the Firm's live set.

Cut Loose was released on vinyl LP, cassette, and standard single compact disc. A remastered silver 25th anniversary edition CD was released in 2008.

Track listing

CD Track LP Track Title Songwriters Duration
1 A1 'Fragile' Paul Rodgers 4:45
2 A2 'Cut Loose' Paul Rodgers 3:37
3 A3 'Live in Peace' Paul Rodgers 5:01
4 A4 'Sweet Sensation' Paul Rodgers 3:18
5 A5 'Rising Sun' Paul Rodgers 4:09
6 B1 'Boogie Mama' Paul Rodgers 3:11
7 B2 'Morning After the Night Before' Paul Rodgers 4:15
8 B3 'Northwinds' Paul Rodgers 3:58
9 B4 'Superstar Woman' Paul Rodgers 5:00
10 B5 'Talking Guitar Blues' Paul Rodgers 4:05



National chart (1983) Peak position
UK Albums Chart
US Billboard The 200 Albums Chart 135


Year Single National chart Peak position
1983 'Cut Loose' UK Singles Chart
1983 'Cut Loose' US Billboard The Billboard Hot 100 Chart


  • Musicians:
    • Paul Rodgers – vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, producer, liner notes
  • Production:
    • Julian Mendelsohn - engineer
    • John Herdt -artwork, design
    • Joe Reagoso - reissue producer, remastering, liner notes
    • Sully Erna - author (remastered edition)
    • Jimmy Page - author (remastered edition)
    • Paul Stanley - author (remastered edition)


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