Congressional Caucus on Bosnia

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Formed in 2007, the U.S. Congressional Caucus for Bosnia, "helps direct attention to the needs of all citizens of Bosnia and Bosnian-Americans, and fosters and improves relations between the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina." Rep. Russ Carnahan, whose district, centered on St. Louis, Missouri, contains one of the largest concentrations of Bosnian-Americans. Co-founder was Rep. Chris Smith.

It does not receive public funds. Issues of concern are national and regional, including diplomatic relations, humanitarian rights, and religious freedom. It also advocates certain policy positions, promotes legislation, and conducts briefings on issues that are critical to the area. In addition, the Caucus works to foster international support for continued improvements to end corruption, support religious freedom, and protect the rights of all citizens of Bosnia.

The works with the Bosniak American Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina to advocate the continuing support of the United States for full democratization and rebuilding of Bosnia and Herzegovina.