Congressional Black Caucus

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The goals of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), chaired by Rep. Barbara Lee, are:

Empower & Mobilize America's Youth

Empower through Development

  • Strengthen pipelines of leadership for young people of color on Capital Hill
  • Connect young people of color to legislative process and civic engagement trainings

Empower through Action

  • Prioritize legislation and funding fundamental to the quality of life of America’s youth (education, job training, health care, etc.)
  • Engage young leaders in the 2008 elections by connecting to voter registration, education and campaign opportunities

Empower through Dialogue

  • Host inter-generational dialogues via the Internet & symposia on youth-centered policies

Build an International Internet Communications Portal

Build International CBC Web Presence

  • Utilize web portal as means of disseminating information in the CBC and black America
  • Develop partnerships to build exposure & presence

Build Interactive Dialogues through New Technologies

  • Utilize CBC Blogs as virtual issue forums
  • Podcast CBC Members messages and updates on CBC priorities

Outreach through Civic Engagement

  • Work with progressive Civil Rights organization to register 100,000 new voters by October 2008
  • Promote Progressive public policy legislation with progressive civil rights organizations

Outreach through Celebrating Black History

  • Host annual CBC Black History Month Program
  • Lead CBC International Congressional Delegations & cultural missions throughout the African Diaspora

=Impact the Alternative Energy Discussion

Support African American Role in Major Alternative Fuel Sources

  • Empower black farmers with alternative fuel dialogues
  • Initiate use of beans, corn, sugar cane, etc. as possible fuel sources

Support Renewable Energy Solutions

  • Reduce dependence on coal burning power through the development and use of wind and solar power solutions
  • Support research, education and training for people of color in renewable energy solutions

Support Climate Stabilization and Community Cleanup Efforts

  • Stabilize greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere to a level that would prevent dangerous interference with the world climate system (Kyoto Treaty)
  • Assist in reducing the number of Brownfield’s (site with hazardous substances, pollutants or contaminants) in the United States